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Write and thou shalt be liberated!

I feel writing is the best form of catharsis, especially at the emotional level. Everyone should write at least something without worrying about grammar or any other aspects associated with writing. Well, there are many tools like Grammarly, Hemingway Editor, and several others. And don’t forget the good ole ‘Spelling & Grammar check’ on Word of Microsoft Windows!

Writing’s a chore for many!

For many, writing is a big ‘chore’! Ya, it was one for me too when I was a student, and am sure other students feel the same. But students should understand the value of writing without ‘cut-copy-paste’ and other such plagiarizing techniques. They should understand that every written word by an author is his/her intellectual property (IP). And no one can take that right away from them. I hope Medium, LinkedIn, and everyone else encouraging writing are listening!

Yes, you can now earn money when you write

Medium is one of the relatively new entrants in the field of writing. It helps writers make money for their writing. Which is a good thing. Otherwise, writing has long been considered a ‘not-so-good’ option for making a living! Substack is a platform for creating paying subscribers for your writing, podcasts, etc.

Writing — a savior for Jeffrey Archer

‘Writing’ was a savior for Jeffrey Archer, my favorite author. He was on the verge of bankruptcy when he published his first novel, ‘Not a penny more, not a penny less’! And he bounced back and was on the fast lane of success after a while after its stupendous success. What’s more, Archer didn’t waste even the time he spent in jail in 2001. He published his experiences in jail as books. And trust me, they are a pleasure to read.

Better write than remain vacant!

Those who are jobless, and have nothing to day should seriously think of writing. At least, it will keep you occupied and heat up and fire your neurons. Remember, ‘An idle mind is a devil’s workshop!’ So better occupied than remaining without doing anything. Agreed, not everyone will become a ‘Jeffrey Archer’ or a ‘J.K. Rowling’ but you can at least give it a shot!

Seriously think about content creation

Besides, the content creation industry is booming. You can supplement your writing with videos, podcasts, etc. I know for many, especially among a generation of my age, making videos is too much. But one has to learn, adapt, and move along with the stream. Otherwise, there is a chance of getting redundant. I have had my share of troubles in life, what with leaving a ‘student-friendly’ and ‘very interesting’ private university. I started homeowealth.com to offer online Homeopathic treatment after that. It has also been a testimony to my writing skills.

For some, corporate never co-operates!

I joined a Homeopathic Corporate company in 2018 and quit a few months before the COVID-19 crisis. Corporate never seems to work for me. The thing is corporate companies always seem to fulfill the saying, ‘The house always wins’ to their hearts’ content!

I started writing flash fiction and a little bit of non-fiction. I am personally still not happy with the results but I am at least trying. In 2021, I started Passion Life Skills Academy in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh, India to capitalize upon my knowledge of spoken English and other soft skills. In between, I started a personal blog on the recommendation of GoDaddy. So far, so good.

Please reach out to me for any recommendations on writing. I may not be a big shot myself but can be of help. Reach me at jameel dot shaik at gmail dot com. Take care and good luck with your writing.

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