Paid Online Homeopathy Workshops

This summer, I will organize two paid online Homeopathy workshops- the first for laypersons, patients, and anyone interested in it. The other is for Homeopathic doctors only. The condition for registration for the latter is a valid doctor’s license. These workshops will not be like others. They will be totally interactive, not boring at all, and above all without much of a rigid agenda. So, it will be mostly just your questions and my answers!

These workshops will be after Eid-ul-Fitr, mostly after the 22nd of this month, i.e. April 2023. So, here you go —

For any queries, doubts, etc., please call 091–7989560370 or 091–9963069856 or e-mail Thank you. #homeopathy #homeowealth #thankyou #like #doctors



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