Suicide (Destruction of the most precious gift — Life) — Grow with me naturally


Suicide is an extreme step adopted by people who cannot cope with their problems. Help is available. Please do not hesitate to avail it at any cost!

Suicide — the dastardliest act ever PERIOD

Now, please do not get me wrong! By stating the above, I am in no way turning a blind eye toward the enormous pressures and extreme vicissitudes people might have faced before taking such an extreme step as suicide. And they are taking away the most precious gift ever gifted by the Almighty to human beings — life with their own hands. Yes, no one other than the Almighty has a right to take away what He provided. Who are we, ordinary mortal beings to even think of suicide? No, no, and once again big NO! Never think of committing suicide. Ever.

The main reasons behind people committing suicide -

  • Dissatisfaction with their current status quo.
  • Loss of any type — Monetary, Love/relationships, etc. (I just read that a techie from Hyderabad, India committed suicide using Nitrogen gas — the reason — failure of his mobile app!).
  • Fear of the unknown or life itself!
  • Unable to move beyond the usual living situation or being able to cope with it.
  • Bizarre online challenges like the ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ — this was an online ‘suicide game’ targeting teenagers and providing them with 50 tasks over 50 days.
  • Lack of a proper and supportive socio-familial system — most relationships, including close familial ones, have become superficial without any substance or value!
  • Not achieving something, for example, not clearing an entrance exam, etc. This incident triggered me to write this article. Kota in Rajasthan state of India is the hub of coaching centers for admission into India’s most competitive exams — Indian Institutes of Technology — Joint Entrance Examination (IIT-JEE), National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET), etc. Is Engineering or Medicine the only avenue for jobs?
  • I was just reading today’s newspaper and an article in the Times of India pointed out that Indian Americans although the most successful ethnic community is unable to cope with failure!

People, please, there is so much life has to offer!

Everyone in this universe except the Almighty has problems to deal with. It does not matter whether one is rich, poor, or middle-class, everyone certainly has some problem or the other. And many times, in life, we feel as if we are stuck in a rut! It is okay. We just have to give time a chance. Time heals and cures everything. I am not asking you to keep your hands closed and not do anything. No, but when sometimes there appears to be no way at all, there will certainly emerge a way out, trust me.

Parents, please note that the world is changing very rapidly. Automation of nearly everything will be the mantra of the future. And many routine jobs of today we take for granted will no longer be present tomorrow. I have said this before and to quote Charles Darwin again, it will certainly be the survival of the fittest!

So, parents, please do not force your children into anything. Allow them to grow naturally so that they can realize their fullest potential. Maybe some kids are poor in Mathematics but they might be good in other subjects. What ultimately matters is what skills your child has. These skills can be as mundane as painting, mehandi-drawing, content creation, reel making, etc. But yes, they have to be able to stand on their legs. Just make sure they do it right. Instill in them a love for life and people right from their childhood. And trust me, in the end, it will all turn out to be alright. No matter what.

Originally published at on January 29, 2024.



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