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1. Sex is a Sadaqah

Sex is a Sadaqah (charity/benevolence) in Islam, of course when performed with your legally wedded wife. Instead of poring deeply and endlessly over pornographic images, if one keeps one’s eyes reserved for one’s spouse, it will do wonders for one’s sex life and health too.

2. Come on, your sexual fluids too need to be eliminated!

Just like stool, urine, sweat, and all the other discharges of the body, sexual fluids are waste excreta and need to be eliminated from the body. And the proper elimination of sexual fluids is essential for the proper elimination of stool and urine. Consider it like this — the elimination of sexual fluids acts like a lubricant that helps in the proper elimination of stool.

3. Lack of regular sex makes us grumpy

Let’s face this — if you go on without sex for several days, it makes you grumpy, irritable, and more prone to swearing and using ‘curse’ words and whatnot! Sex is a basic need of the human body which needs to be met.

4. It is one of the best exercises

Yes, you heard it right! Sex burns calories, and keeps you fit, agile, and healthy. And lack of sex leads to obesity and its accompanying disorders which are several. Making sex a regular habit is healthy and good for the mind, body, and even the heart.

5. It keeps you focused

You have regular sex and you don’t have to focus hard on your day-to-day activities. You will remain focused on your work and your brain too remains razor-sharp if you have regular sex.

6. Just how much sex is required?

Well, this depends on the type of foods you eat, your daily activity, and your partner. High protein diets are responsible for a good libido. A person who is very active physically is better in bed than a sedentary person. Of course, for a good bout in the sack, you need to have an understanding partner. So, there is no set rule for how many times one can have sex but at least once a week or slightly more than that is ideal.

7. What if we suddenly forget sex?

Have you ever thought about it? People are delaying their marriages for careers, losing their prime years without bearing kids, and doing so many other things. Some are looking for alternative sources of sex — they are using robots. Some go for sex without marriage. A marriage is always the best license for sex. Sex without marriage is an invitation to disaster. One might use protection, and be overtly careful. But there is something called conscience in all of us which is pure, unadulterated, and never wants to commit any sin!

8. Sex is natural and should remain so

Yes, nearly all of us take to sex just like a fish takes to water! But just like everything else in life, sex is best if performed in natural ways rather than unnatural. Just look at the disasters perpetrated by diseases like AIDS, STDs, etc.

9. Self-abuse is becoming rampant

This should be curbed at any cost. Especially among the children. Whose tender minds are being exposed to stuff which they should not be watching, reading, or hearing PERIOD Self-abuse stunts the minds of children, makes them perverted, and whatnot!

10. There is a method for everything

Yes, you heard it right. Don’t just jump on your partner and start the business. Go slow, there is something called foreplay. Utilize it to the utmost and make your sex memorable and enjoyable. Sexual etiquette is very important in this regard. Do give proper attention to oral hygiene, body odor, etc. before performing this activity. And give humanity a chance to survive! I am just kidding. But honestly, I feel what will be our condition after say, 50 to 100 years later.

What with the fertility rates falling due to the indiscriminate usage of items like plastics, smoking, lifestyle factors, etc? Let us strive to eliminate all such ‘rogue’ items from our lives. Will you?

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