Wo/man is such an (ungrateful) animal? Change required immediately! — Grow with me naturally


Do not waste water, food, or anything else PERIOD
Please conserve water and other natural resources!

Wo/man is such an (ungrateful) animal!

S/he cannot bear either too much of water

Or too little of it!

Yes, I am talking about floods and droughts!

What has come over us?

We build buildings with impunity

And pride ourselves in needless opulence

When we cannot conserve even basic water!

Just look at Bengaluru

Or any other major city

Not just in India

But the entire world!

It is a case of either too much

Or too little!

Whether it be money, water,

Or for that matter anything else!

Why do we wait until things get to a boil?

Don’t we have at least that much common sense that

Water is the most essential and precious resource

Without which we or our future generations cannot survive!

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Originally published at https://jameelshaik.com on March 11, 2024.



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